Effective Product Development Processes with Autodesk PLM 360

In this new era of manufacturing, breakthrough innovation is within reach for the start-up, just like the industry titans,” said Diego Tamburini, Manufacturing Industry Strategist at Autodesk (1).

At this very moment, manufacturing companies, of all sizes, are jumping on the innovation bandwagon and completely redefining how products are designed and made. 3D printing has trail-blazed through the industry by continuously growing in credibility, leading us to this new technology era. Today, the entire industry needs to be ready for change. Status quo is no longer an option and old-fashioned product development needs a serious revamp for survival.

Embracing this change may seem scary to most, which is why Autodesk launched Autodesk PLM 360 (in 2012) to help companies, of all sizes, dive right into this new manufacturing era - with a splash.

How will this help you?

Let’s start with the basics...
Product development is often conceptualized as a funnel of ideas flowing from a conceptual phase all the way to real consumer-ready products.
This funnel looks straightforward. Right?
Many companies that have collaborated with ERP Guru have faced bottlenecks that ultimately prevent the successful execution of good ideas. With consumer demands shifting and competition increasing, the time between Concept to Production must be optimized.

Autodesk PLM 360 provides automated process workflows (as pictured below) that can capture a company’s specific Product Development Process into a common place to go for all product-related information, for all stakeholders.

A standard product development workflow in Autodesk PLM 360

A little bit more detail…
Harnessing the power of the stage-gate process, PLM 360 workflows, automated notifications, on-the-go approval capability, milestones definition and dashboard charts all provide the visibility that cross functional teams require for success. From focusing on value-added tasks to improving collaboration between locations and departments, the benefits of PLM 360 result in increased profitability. But the full power of PLM 360 resides in its accessibility and flexibility. ERP Guru has helped many small and medium businesses to tailor, quickly deploy and, most importantly, use PLM 360 to its full potential.

Need a little bit more info?

Register today for our webinar on Effective Product Development Processes with Autodesk PLM 360. Gain further insight on how your company can tackle this new manufacturing era and emerge as a leader!
Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 @ 2:00 PM EST


Simple and Flexible Labelling with NetSuite and NiceLabel

Manufacturing and distribution companies, regardless of size, certainly understand the importance of printing labels efficiently. I know what you’re thinking… Labelling is not exactly the sexiest topic in business today. What could possibly be enticing enough about labels to continue reading this post?

Well, our perspective on labels is different. Cloud technology has managed to give labels a full-blown makeover to unleash it’s hidden beauty.

Here’s how:

With the new 2015.1 upgrade release, NetSuite offers more advanced features to step up PDF layouts to satisfy varying business needs. To take labelling and printing capabilities to the next level, ERP Guru looks to la crème de la crème in the industry: NiceLabel. Simply put, NiceLabel is the best and most simple cloud-based solution for labelling. Not only does NiceLabel integrate seamlessly with NetSuite, but they also provide services that are proven to surpass customers’ expectations.

With NiceLabel software, you can easily create your own form and instantly upload and integrate with any NetSuite transaction. In the example below, you will find a NiceLabel user interface integrated as a specific tab on a NetSuite Fulfillment transaction. This form was configured and tailored to the customer’s requirements. The different fields are also filled out automatically to eliminate any possibility of error. A preview and printing options are also embedded for further flexibility. 

NetSuite centralizes labelling requirements.
The NiceLabel public web printing platform allows for the printing of labels across the entire supply chain while optimizing printer commands.

ERP Guru has successfully implemented NiceLabel for multiple NetSuite customers to satisfy challenging labelling and printing requirements. As any other cloud solution, the NetSuite-NiceLabel integration is easy to maintain and remote support is always available.

Still not convinced?

Check out our most recent webinar with a NiceLabel expert below, and give us a call for more information!

Simplify Barcode Labeling Requirements in NetSuite from Mark Olivier on Vimeo.

Author: Luis Palmitesta, ERP Specialist at ERP Guru


Put your NetSuite Data on the Map - ERP Guru’s MapQuest Integration

A big benefit of NetSuite is its ability to quickly visualize and analyze your numbers: simply add a chart or graph to your dashboard and voilà you have full visibility.
If only we could get the same visual benefits from addresses…
Oh wait, you can.. for less $ than you think!
Imagine this: you’re a sales representative. It’s 7:15 AM, and you’re sitting at your kitchen table with a freshly brewed cup of coffee in one hand and iPad in the other. After sifting through the morning news, you’re ready to plan out your day. You have a customer that you are going to visit and you would like to maximize your time on the road (because you’re a bad@$%). You’re relatively up-to-speed with technology and you plot your route into your Google Maps. But, hmm… Who else can you see along the way? You scratch your head and go through your endless lists to see who would be feasible to meet on your route. It’s now 7:55 AM and it’s time to rush out the door. You quickly plot in another three customers, before you jump into your car and connect to your bluetooth to start selling!
As techies, we can safely say that you can do better than that.
Now picture this instead: Rewind back to 7:15 AM. You plot in your customer visit into MapQuest and you wonder how you can best maximize your day. Since your NetSuite database is automatically connected to your maps, you can instantly grab a quick visual of all other leads, prospects and customers located within a specified radius of your meeting. In just minutes, you have planned your visits to a logistical T with minimal thought involved. You have your zoomable, visual map with maximized travel time. It’s 7:19, why not start selling?
Back to reality: ERP Guru has been offering a Google Maps integration solution for many years. Lately, the Google Maps API license price was slightly increased so we developed an additional solution - equivalent but cheaper - using MapQuest. Both options are great and will take you exactly where you need to go!

Need to add some maps to your dashboard? Give ERP Guru a call and we will be glad to help you leverage your locations information.

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Why is the #1 CRM in the World, and How You Can Get it Now!

Are you considering Salesforce? Make your decision with clear and concise benefits. All you have to do is scroll down!

If you are in business, regardless of the vertical, and you are considering moving forward with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, then you have, no doubt, heard about Salesforce. This worldwide leader in cloud-based CRM allows you to support your organization by providing the power to share data from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a mobile device with internet access.

Now, what does this truly mean for your business...Let’s cut through the jargon! If you are currently on a server based IT system, chances are, your sales team is equipped with laptops. After each day, your dedicated salesmen will head home and spend an extra hour or so working on entering in the data that they have collected from their visits, appointments and sales calls. Needless to say, you are probably well aware of this daily chore, as most sales teams share their displeasure in losing family time to data entry. Once the data is entered into their laptops, most will have to connect to the company VPN and upload their data into the central system. Since most companies do not ask their sales teams to perform this tedious task daily, the data only gets synced up to the system at the head office once a week. In turn, the exec. team can only begin evaluating and making critical market decisions based on data that is, at that point, a week old… Sound familiar?

Well, Salesforce allows you to forget about all of that.

How? Because this system lives in the hands of your entire sales team, giving everyone access to real-time information. Your company’s top decision-makers will be confident that the information that they are looking at is the most recent and accurate. Salesforce provides your company with the real picture, instantaneously.

Since Salesforce runs on the Salesforce1 Sales Cloud, your system is 100% web-based, trusted and secure. No one can access your information except for you and your team. Another beautiful thing - you don’t need your team to be physically present to get your goals organized. You can quickly and easily define roles and permissions with different security settings and views.
Salesforce is accessible to your entire team right through their mobile devices, through the Salesforce 1 app. This allows them to enter leads, look up prospect and client information (ranging from telephone number to address to actually seeing the map of where they are) to opportunity records, quotes, communications they have received and more. On the fly, reps can quickly click through and enter their call notes, share important sales information on chatter and keep everyone focused on the sale.

Back at the office, all the information entered by your front line team is directly accessible to the inside sales team, accounting, finance, marketing, operations, production and more.
Real-time data for real time business decisions.

Salesforce helps break down the silos of departments and provide true information sharing, which improves your customer experience as well! Anyone who has worked with any client can see the history, see the issues and the realities of the given account.

Ok so this was probably more information than you were looking for...Want the version in brief? Here we go!

Salesforce Key Benefits:

Close more deals - track your customer information and interactions in ONE place.

Get more leads - nurture leads, route them to the right reps at the right time, track effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Run your business from your phone

Accelerate productivity - automate complex business processes into one solution.

Make insightful decisions - set priorities and make decisions based on the best, most up-to-date information available.

To reduce any stress related to trying out Salesforce for yourself, ERP Guru has created the Salesforce QuickStart! This package allows you to get the solution up and running so you can get your hands dirty and actually try the product for yourself. Up and running in about 3 weeks, for only $8,000; the QuickStart allows you to test drive Salesforce so that you can decide what elements you would like to customize and which you would like to use as is!

For more information with regard to Salesforce visit

For direct access to the details of the Salesforce QuickStart visit:


NetSuite 2015.1 New Feature Highlights

Twice a year, NetSuite releases exciting upgrades to enhance the existing functionality or to provide new system features. The last release of 2014 delivered a completely new user interface and several changes in scripting, which were designed to improve the system usability and overall efficiency. NetSuite users turned to ERP Guru as an aid in leveraging these changes, in order to reap the benefits of the software update in real-time.

By the end of March, the NetSuite 2015.1 upgrade will be implemented for all users (see the New Release portlet of the Support tab for the exact date of your NetSuite instance). To make sure that you can get the most out of these features, ERP Guru will provide a series of health checks that are catered to your unique system. Want to know more? Talk to our experts today. In the meantime, scroll down for some exclusive 2015.1 sneak peaks!

New Email Templates

The new 2015.1 email template editor is more powerful, in both flexibility and ease of use. It allows you to create more advanced HTML email templates with a cleaner design. Note that the old email templates will no longer be editable as of 2015.2 (at the end of this year). Starting the migration to new templates as early as possible will help you save time, and avoid the hassle of re-editing all of your existing templates.

*Ask ERP Guru for a full evaluation of the email templates migration and modification.

OneWorld - Vendor Record Shared Across Multiple Subsidiaries

In 2014, users were required to create multiple records of the same vendor for multiple subsidiaries. With 2015.1, we can happily wave ‘goodbye’ to redundancy and now welcome more control to OneWorld users. More specifically, one vendor record can now contain subsidiary specific information such as credit limit, balances and unbilled orders, ensuring a more consolidated purchasing process across the subsidiaries.

*Ask ERP Guru for an analysis on how to reconcile those multiple vendor records for your OneWorld account.

Enhanced Options for Emailing Reports

Emailing scheduled reports, to multiple internal or external contacts, is a powerful functionality that companies are utilizing to ensure that everyone is on top of the latest information. Before 2015.1, HTML was the only supported email attachment option. This new functionality now supports Word, Excel, PDF and CSV, which ultimately reduces the pain of time-consuming report re-formatting, with its value-added user-friendly interface.

Easy to Use Workflow Templates

If you love the idea of capturing and automating your business process into a workflow in NetSuite, but you are not sure how to do it, you are not alone! As of 2015.1, NetSuite provides workflow templates to help users quickly learn and design workflows. The templates provided are common processes that can be leveraged as starting points to compare to your actual business process(es).

Version 2015.1 includes templates:

  • Journal Entry Approval
  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Sales Order Approval

Enhanced Advanced PDF / HTML Template Editor

The Advanced PDF / HTML template editor is no longer in beta mode, and has been upgraded to offer a sleeker and more simplified user experience. The enhanced flexibility of this new modern interface allows users to drag and drop HTML-based elements and easily edit their properties.

Prior to 2015.1, an advanced PDF/HTML template could only be associated with a custom form, and the template was used for both printed and emailed transactions. With the new release, simply select one template for printed transactions and another for emailed transactions to enjoy the flexibility of custom settings.

*Ask ERP Guru for advice on how to migrate the older templates to the new format.

Custom GL Lines Plug-In

Have you ever had this conversation?

Joe: “I would like to make some changes on the GL impact of this transaction.”
Jane: “Well…create a journal entry to reflect the accounts…”
Joe: “But…”
Jane: “I know, I know…. the journal entry doesn’t link to the original transaction and it’s hard for you to track which transaction this JE is related to…”

With 2015.1, there is no need to worry about tracking journal entries to transactions. The Custom GL Lines Plug-in allows the dynamic modification of the general ledger impact of a transaction. The custom lines created by the plug-in are linked to the original transaction, and can thus appear in reports and searches. Save yourself the headache!

*If you currently have custom G/L impacts or Journal Entries on transactions, ask ERP Guru to analyze how you could benefit from this enhancement.

More Highlights in a List

Think that’s it? NetSuite has plenty more up their sleeves with 2015.1 enhancements:

  • Procurement – RFQ: NetSuite made your procurement process more streamlined and efficient by offering the RFQ feature starting with Version 2015.1.
  • Month-End Revaluation Enhancements (OneWorld): 2015.1 provides a one-step approach to process foreign currency revaluation for multiple subsidiaries, which will save a lot of processing time when your foreign currency transaction volume is high.
  • Vendor Bill Payment Holds: This new feature will prevent accidental payment of Vendor Bills in question or dispute. Apply a payment hold to stop payments from being processed on approved vendors bills and prevent funds from inadvertently leaving the company.
  • Matrix Item Assistant for Assembly Items: With 2015.1, you can quickly and easily create Assembly items with a variety of product styles and options, without manually creating the matrix lists.
  • NetSuite for Android: NetSuite is now offering a fully-featured Android app, similar to the existing iPhone app, so that everyone can get on board.

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