Wave Goodbye to Uncertainty with Your Overseas Business Orders!

Hello Customized Order Management!

Managing business orders can be a stressful process. When will my order arrive? How will it be shipped? Will its landed cost resemble previous estimations? Will our profit margin increase or decrease? Is there enough inventory? These are simple questions that should, in theory, be easy to answer. But that's not always the case—unless a real-time order-tracking solution can be implemented in tandem with your business orders!

Because of the interregional nature of business orders, order-tracking solutions typically require a customized web-based ERP service as their backbone. This is why ERP Guru’s Container Management solution is based in NetSuite. Through NetSuite’s business management software, our customized Container Management solution gives users better visibility into their business’ procure-to-pay process; tracking items in each container and shipment, monitoring the entirety of its value and landed costs, all while delivering status updates at every step. ERP Guru’s customized Container Management solution ensures that the delivery of items ordered and the containers in which they are stored remain easily accessible, that the value of each container stays one click away, and that products in the container retain their visibility from factory, to port, to warehouse, to retailer (or whatever route orders may travel). In addition, because this customization is specialized for NetSuite, it links all purchase information to the transactions already performed on the ERP system, allowing users to focus on other, more important things!

Managing business orders through a customized ERP solution best serves businesses that:

1) Need real-time access to their inventory.
2) Group their overseas shipments in one or more containers.
3) Wish to keep track of containers while they transit from one region to another.
4) Require their landing costs to be effectively calculated in order to safeguard estimated profit margins.

Keeping track of business orders engenders lots of questions, but, with a customized ERP solution, you won’t be left wondering long! Let experts customize your ERP platform and experience the results yourself.
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Author: Marissa Rosen

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