Effective Product Development Processes with Autodesk PLM 360

In this new era of manufacturing, breakthrough innovation is within reach for the start-up, just like the industry titans,” said Diego Tamburini, Manufacturing Industry Strategist at Autodesk (1).

At this very moment, manufacturing companies, of all sizes, are jumping on the innovation bandwagon and completely redefining how products are designed and made. 3D printing has trail-blazed through the industry by continuously growing in credibility, leading us to this new technology era. Today, the entire industry needs to be ready for change. Status quo is no longer an option and old-fashioned product development needs a serious revamp for survival.

Embracing this change may seem scary to most, which is why Autodesk launched Autodesk PLM 360 (in 2012) to help companies, of all sizes, dive right into this new manufacturing era - with a splash.

How will this help you?

Let’s start with the basics...
Product development is often conceptualized as a funnel of ideas flowing from a conceptual phase all the way to real consumer-ready products.
This funnel looks straightforward. Right?
Many companies that have collaborated with ERP Guru have faced bottlenecks that ultimately prevent the successful execution of good ideas. With consumer demands shifting and competition increasing, the time between Concept to Production must be optimized.

Autodesk PLM 360 provides automated process workflows (as pictured below) that can capture a company’s specific Product Development Process into a common place to go for all product-related information, for all stakeholders.

A standard product development workflow in Autodesk PLM 360

A little bit more detail…
Harnessing the power of the stage-gate process, PLM 360 workflows, automated notifications, on-the-go approval capability, milestones definition and dashboard charts all provide the visibility that cross functional teams require for success. From focusing on value-added tasks to improving collaboration between locations and departments, the benefits of PLM 360 result in increased profitability. But the full power of PLM 360 resides in its accessibility and flexibility. ERP Guru has helped many small and medium businesses to tailor, quickly deploy and, most importantly, use PLM 360 to its full potential.

Need a little bit more info?

Register today for our webinar on Effective Product Development Processes with Autodesk PLM 360. Gain further insight on how your company can tackle this new manufacturing era and emerge as a leader!
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