Simple and Flexible Labelling with NetSuite and NiceLabel

Manufacturing and distribution companies, regardless of size, certainly understand the importance of printing labels efficiently. I know what you’re thinking… Labelling is not exactly the sexiest topic in business today. What could possibly be enticing enough about labels to continue reading this post?

Well, our perspective on labels is different. Cloud technology has managed to give labels a full-blown makeover to unleash it’s hidden beauty.

Here’s how:

With the new 2015.1 upgrade release, NetSuite offers more advanced features to step up PDF layouts to satisfy varying business needs. To take labelling and printing capabilities to the next level, ERP Guru looks to la crème de la crème in the industry: NiceLabel. Simply put, NiceLabel is the best and most simple cloud-based solution for labelling. Not only does NiceLabel integrate seamlessly with NetSuite, but they also provide services that are proven to surpass customers’ expectations.

With NiceLabel software, you can easily create your own form and instantly upload and integrate with any NetSuite transaction. In the example below, you will find a NiceLabel user interface integrated as a specific tab on a NetSuite Fulfillment transaction. This form was configured and tailored to the customer’s requirements. The different fields are also filled out automatically to eliminate any possibility of error. A preview and printing options are also embedded for further flexibility. 

NetSuite centralizes labelling requirements.
The NiceLabel public web printing platform allows for the printing of labels across the entire supply chain while optimizing printer commands.

ERP Guru has successfully implemented NiceLabel for multiple NetSuite customers to satisfy challenging labelling and printing requirements. As any other cloud solution, the NetSuite-NiceLabel integration is easy to maintain and remote support is always available.

Still not convinced?

Check out our most recent webinar with a NiceLabel expert below, and give us a call for more information!

Simplify Barcode Labeling Requirements in NetSuite from Mark Olivier on Vimeo.

Author: Luis Palmitesta, ERP Specialist at ERP Guru

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