Put your NetSuite Data on the Map - ERP Guru’s MapQuest Integration

A big benefit of NetSuite is its ability to quickly visualize and analyze your numbers: simply add a chart or graph to your dashboard and voilà you have full visibility.
If only we could get the same visual benefits from addresses…
Oh wait, you can.. for less $ than you think!
Imagine this: you’re a sales representative. It’s 7:15 AM, and you’re sitting at your kitchen table with a freshly brewed cup of coffee in one hand and iPad in the other. After sifting through the morning news, you’re ready to plan out your day. You have a customer that you are going to visit and you would like to maximize your time on the road (because you’re a bad@$%). You’re relatively up-to-speed with technology and you plot your route into your Google Maps. But, hmm… Who else can you see along the way? You scratch your head and go through your endless lists to see who would be feasible to meet on your route. It’s now 7:55 AM and it’s time to rush out the door. You quickly plot in another three customers, before you jump into your car and connect to your bluetooth to start selling!
As techies, we can safely say that you can do better than that.
Now picture this instead: Rewind back to 7:15 AM. You plot in your customer visit into MapQuest and you wonder how you can best maximize your day. Since your NetSuite database is automatically connected to your maps, you can instantly grab a quick visual of all other leads, prospects and customers located within a specified radius of your meeting. In just minutes, you have planned your visits to a logistical T with minimal thought involved. You have your zoomable, visual map with maximized travel time. It’s 7:19, why not start selling?
Back to reality: ERP Guru has been offering a Google Maps integration solution for many years. Lately, the Google Maps API license price was slightly increased so we developed an additional solution - equivalent but cheaper - using MapQuest. Both options are great and will take you exactly where you need to go!

Need to add some maps to your dashboard? Give ERP Guru a call and we will be glad to help you leverage your locations information.

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