Make NetSuite Speak with Your Existing Systems: An eCommerce Integration Scenario

When a system works for your company and is perfectly customized for your business requirements, it doesn't necessarily make sense to replace it... You have likely already made significant financial investments and spent time and energy training your team on how to use it. As a result, the decision to go forward with a new ERP system, like NetSuite, may spark concerns. Will it be possible to use Netsuite in in conjunction with the existing customized system(s)? Will NetSuite be able to exchange data with your other system(s)? 

The answer is: yes. NetSuite can be integrated with, pretty much, any other system.

ERP Guru’s Integration experts know Java like the back of their hands! They have completed numerous integration projects for clients, whether it is an existing CRM tool, a 3PL, or any other kind of project, shipping or ticket management system. One of the typical scenarios we often address is the integration of NetSuite with an existing online web store. 

eCommerce Integration Business Case

Companies that sell their products online will often want to keep their existing web store when they consider implementing NetSuite. Prior to deploying an ERP system, many of these companies have developed in-house management systems and databases to run their online businesses. In these types of situations, connectors must be developed to facilitate unidirectional or bidirectional flows between heterogeneous data formats. In other words, a connector can be created to simply link the existing in-house system(s) with NetSuite’s ERP system, as well as additional web-store applications. 

In order for NetSuite to have the most accurate information, data from the web-store must be shared with Netsuite. In the event that a client wishes to maintain both NetSuite and a separate in-house system, data will need to be fed to both systems from the web-store. For a clean integration, NetSuite and the in-house database should be able to synchronize customer records, inventory, orders and items as described below.

Supporting the in-house system’s existing records and incorporating new records from NetSuite, to keep the in-house database up to date, can pose an interesting challenge. Additionally, ensuring real-time updates from the web-store to NetSuite makes the project even more complex. To resolve a situation such as this, our integration team designed and built a connector to manage the synchronization between both systems as seamlessly as possible. Furthermore, real-time processing from the web-store to NetSuite can easily be handled by a NetSuite scripting solution.

Whatever the integration challenge is, ERP Guru has the knowledge, experience and tools to tackle it. Try us! Together we can leverage integration to make NetSuite speak with your existing systems, avoid data silos and add value to your overall business processes.

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