There Is a Better Way with PLM 360!

At the beginning of the year, we took an introductory look at what is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). In September, ERP Guru attended Autodesk Accelerate 2014, the very first Autodesk PLM 360 conference, in Boston, MA. We have been absolutely amazed by how PLM 360 users have taken their system to the next level, finding better and faster ways to do business. This figure, drawn during the Accelerate Conference, provides a great overview of what PLM 360 is all about.

(This figure was provided by Autodesk) 

Spreadsheets, emails, papers, file servers… A great deal of companies try to manage their processes with manual tools. And as they grow, they lose control. Autodesk PLM 360 offers a better way to bring processes, people and projects together by providing the “right information” to “the right people”, at “the right time”. Being on the cloud, PLM 360 takes your company one step further to being free of your expensive-and-hard-to-maintain-hardware-infrastructure. Connect PLM 360 with NetSuite, or any other ERP, CRM, or PDM systems, and you will be able to share real-time data across your entire company, the globe, on computers, tablets, and phones.

ERP Guru team at Autodesk Accelerate 2014

We really liked how Zep Solar, a company dedicated to bringing solar energy to the masses with their revolutionary technology, embraced the PLM 360 application programming interface (API) to automate their label creation. Talk about an innovative way to harness PLM 360’s flexibility and agility!

(This figure was provided by Autodesk and Zep Solar)

Houlder, a fast growing vessel design and solution provider for the offshore industry, also presented how they adopted Autodesk PLM 360 to replace their confusing spreadsheet system and to handle project execution. As the company is expanding, PLM 360 supports growth and continuous improvement.

Your company could be the next success story and ERP Guru’s PLM and ERP experts are excited to assist you in implementing PLM 360, integrating it with your other systems and bringing your business to the next level! Contact us for details.

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