Drag and Drop Bundle

This is a new bundle (ID #41309) in NetSuite 2013.2 that allow users to attach files easily to entities, transactions and custom records. It is a really handy tool that can be installed within a minute if Client SuiteScript, Server SuiteScript and Custom Records are enabled in your account. Since this feature downloads files into the File Cabinet, the only setting required is to have a write access to the destination folder.


There are two ways to select the records to which your users will be able to attach files.
   1.   All records

a.  Create an account-level destination folder (or you can  use an existing one)
b.  Note its Internal ID
c.   Under Setup > Company > General Preferences > Custom Preferences, enter the Internal ID in Default Global Folder Destination field.

       2.       Selected record types
a.  Go to the DAD Record Type page (only reachable in Global Search)
b.  Select a record type
c.   Enter a folder name from the File Cabinet

This is an example of record types that have been set in the DAD Record Type page:

You can see that the last record is a custom record type.

If you set a record in this page and you also set the destination folder in the General Preferences, the folder set in the DAD Record Type page will have precedence over the other one for that record.

How does it work?

Once it has been set, you can select one of your existing entity, transaction or custom record and edit it. A new box will appear at the top right corner of the screen. You can open a Windows Explorer window, select one of your file by clicking on it, and then drag it to the new box.  The file will be automatically downloaded to the File Cabinet and attached to the entity, transaction or custom record.

With the Drag and Drop bundle, you can:
  • Access your downloaded files under the Communication > Files subtab of your record
  • Change the destination folder by clicking on the “Drop files here” box
  • Drop multiple files
  • Files up to 5 Mb

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  1. I can't drag a file from an email in exchange and drop it. I have to drag it to a Windows folder then drag it to the drop are in NS. Is there a way to fix that?