Netsuite 2013.2 Release - New Features Webinars

As I am sure many of you out there in the blog-o-sphere know, NetSuite will be rolling out their 2013.2 release in the coming weeks.

Here at ERP Guru, we held two special webinars for our customers to show and discuss some of the new features. While it was exclusive to ERP Guru customers, we felt it only right to at least share the recording with the rest of the world! Enjoy!

General Webinar - 50 mins jam packed with a complete review of the new release including project features, security and user interface, transaction changes and CRM related changes.


Distribution Focused Webinar - 45 mins of more distribution focused features of the 2013.2 release

**Big thank you to Olivier Gagnon and Ianic Brisson, two of our stellar Senior Consultants who created and delivered the presentations.

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