EchoSign and Netsuite

If you have ever required your clients to sign contracts or important documents and wondered if this process could be more automatic and digitized in NetSuite, you are in luck. EchoSign for NetSuite bundle will save you from this hassle and make your documents approvals a child’s play.

What is EchoSign?

“EchoSign is a complete, automated electronic signature and web contracting solution. It features the easiest signing experience in the industry. Instantly send, e-sign, track, and file documents securely online, so you can change the game and work more competitively with your customers and partners”. [1]

“Adobe EchoSign for NetSuite is the only eSignature system with complete integration to NetSuite” [2] – it delivers complete web contracting automation in NetSuite for eSignatures. You are now able to send contracts or other documents directly from your NetSuite instance. You can view contract history, save contracts that were signed by your clients with the associated NetSuite records : (i.e.: customers, estimates, sales orders and more).


  • Send any agreement for e-signature or fax signature directly from within NetSuite 
  • Create agreements linked to a Customer, Estimate or other NetSuite records and send in one click 
  • Allow recipients to sign on their computers or their mobile devices 
  • Gain real-time visibility into every contract sent from NetSuite 
  • View a detailed audit trail in NetSuite and get instant document event updates 
  • With a single click, generate an Estimate and send it for signature to the account's primary contact 

EchoSign Signup:

Before you can install a bundle, you need signup for EchoSign services. Although the EchoSign bundle is free of charge for the owners of Netsuite account, the EchoSign service is not free. For more information on signup fees, please visit this website

If you wish to test drive EchoSign, you can sign up for a trial account here.

Once you have registered with EchoSign:

You will need to sign in to your account at using the credentials you will obtain by completing the registration mentioned above.

Click on the ‘Account' tab.

Click ‘Enable API Access’ and get your API key on the same page.Your key should look something like this:

Record this information somewhere, as you will need to enter it in Netsuite once you enable the bundle.

Installation in Netsuite:

To install a bundle:
  1. Go to Setup > Customization > Search and Install Bundles. Click on the 'Advanced' tab. 
  2. In the keyword bar type in 8988 (Bundle ID). You should be able to locate 'Adobe EchoSign eSignatures for NetSuite'. 
  3. Install the bundle. 
  4. Once the bundle is installed, go to: Setup > Company > General Preferences > Custom Preferences and select the sub-tab section 'Adobe EchoSign eSignatures for NetSuite' 
  5. Enter the API key that you generated during the EchoSign Signup stage (or from your existing account).

    Your API key will look something like this: 
    API Key: 'STMGPD3VM2BP24'
  6. Save the preferences after entering the API key. 

Test Run:

You are now ready to send your transactions or documents to your customers for e-signing.

Example: Let's say you would like to send a quote to your client for approval and you require the client to sign the document before you can proceed with a creation of a Sales Order or an Invoice.

When you click on the 'Send for Signature' button you are brought to a new EchoSign Record (EchoSign Agreement). Netsuite creates an agreement record, transfers your quote into PDF format and attaches it under the 'Documents' tab of your EchoSign Record.

At this stage you can edit the record, and adjust the settings for the:
  • Signature Type 
  • Set Signature Order (i.e: I sign, then recipients sign) 
  • Set Password for Signatures 
  • Set Password to View PDF 
  • Set Reminders for Recipients to Sign 
  • Select a different language 

Once you are happy with the settings, add the recipient(s) under the 'Recipients' tab, save the agreement, and click the 'Send for Signature' button.

As soon as you send the agreement Netsuite's EchoSign bundle will communicate with the EchoSign API and send out your document for signing. The agreement will change status to 'Out for Signature'.

Once the document is signed, you as a sender will be notified, and the status of the agreement will change to 'Signed'. You can then proceed to create your Sales Order / Invoice for that client.

Now, think of the possibilities! You can further customize this functionality and tie it in with Saved Searches and Reminders to notify you of signed agreements on your own Netsuite Dashboard!

Good luck with your testing and I hope you will enjoy this functionality as much as I do.


[1] Source:
[2] Source: Adobe EchoSign for NetSuite v3 - Install and Customization Guide


Ilija Budimir is a Consultant in the Partner Services department at ERP Guru.

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