Introducing ERP Guru Business Monitoring Suite

We all (hopefully) know that data can help provide insight into our day-to-day business functions, problems, and opportunities. The problem facing businesses today is that there is so much data - and that it can be difficult to turn this data into relevant information. NetSuite provides many useful aggregate reports out-of-the-box, but when it comes down to it, which of these should be used to make valuable business decisions? How do you stay informed and improve business processes while staying competitive?

ERP Guru has designed a new approach to management advisory services to help you do just that! Enter the ERP Guru Business Monitoring Suite (BMS) - a complete, lightweight consulting approach coupling customized dashboards and monitoring with industry benchmarks and expertise.

The Suite has been crafted by our management advisory team, comprised of alumni from top-tier consulting and advisory firms, to better monitor business health, and provide industry-tailored benchmarks to take your business to the next level. The BMS is designed to deliver comprehensive operational and strategic advice using innovative tools and technologies - and includes a complete solution for building real-time, interactive dashboards with custom alerts. It provides the important information and insights at the click of a mouse

The BMS is built upon two core functions: a one-time Business Maturity Assessment, and the Business Monitoring Service. Business practices are reviewed by our industry experts to provide recommendations on potential areas of improvement to allow your company to implement leading practices. A specialized dashboard will then be deployed in your NetSuite instance to benchmark your business in real-time versus industry peers; monthly/quarterly reports from our management consultants will provide you with operational and strategic advice. 

Visit our site or contact us for more information on the Business Monitoring Suite. 

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