Using the ‘Quick Reorder Module’ to turbocharge your sales ordering process

Entering sales orders can be a lengthy process and its time is multiplied by the number of items you need to input. Time is money and every business is looking to speed up their process to get as many orders in as possible. We at ERP Guru came up with a module to facilitate order entry.
One of our customer requested a sales reordering screen that would allow him, with only a couple of quick clicks, to create a sales order based on historical values. Basically the screen would populate a list with all items ordered by this customer in the past and it would display the values of this item when it was last ordered.

For example, let’s say customer X has ordered broccoli 10 times in the past. The last time it was ordered for a quantity of 10 and a rate of 2$. On the quick reorder module, broccoli would be displayed with a pre-populated quantity of 10 and rate of 2$. The user would simply need to click on the ‘Quick Reorder’ column to add this item up to the sales order. In a matter of a couple of clicks the entire sales order would be ready to be submitted!

What if the customer wants to order an item he has never ordered before? We have the ‘New Items’ tab for that! This tab allows the user to select from the entire list of items in the system. When an item is selected, the quantity is defaulted to 1, the unit rate is defaulted to the item’s base price and the amount to quantity times unit rate. So once again, in a single click an item is added to the sales order!

And if your customers have a high volume of items the screen will not be clogged up thanks to our pagination system. This pagination system splits the items in subsets (number of items per page is customizable) and allows navigation and persistence of items added from each page. In the example below the pages are based on dates last ordered but again this can be customized (for example if you prefer having them sorted by item name it can be done).

This is the basic behavior our ‘Quick Reorder’ module provides. We can customize it even further in order to adapt to your specific needs and tailor it to your process. If you think the ‘Quick Reorder’ module can help out your business contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Written by: Frédéric Jannelle

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