DTAPP to the Rescue!

Sustainable growth has always been the challenge (and the triumph when achieved), to most small- and mid- sized enterprises (SMEs) around the globe. In general, companies in most or all industries strive to keep a healthy stream of growth in personnel, periodic sales, and efficiency; of course there are many other areas a business would attempt to grow.

The Canadian government has put in place a subsidized program called “Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program” or DTAPP for short. The program’s goal, according to Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), is “to speed up the rate at which SMEs in Canada adopt digital technology and build digital skills through new and existing networks and relationships with colleges and organisations across Canada, and provide them with access to expertise in the digital technology adoption field.” In layman’s terms, the Canadian government is investing heavily in resources to help SMEs hire consultants, among other resources, to help them evaluate the aspects of their business that may need improvement and also help them adopt solutions to solidify their growth.

NetSuite, currently a popular and frequently evaluated solution by the members of this grant, is a great tool to help your company reach that exact goal. NetSuite is the industry's first and leading online business application that supports your entire company, from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to Web capabilities (eCommerce). If you qualify to partake in this government program, they will be covering 50% of your consulting fees and 80% of your internal costs throughout the process of evaluation and implementation of NetSuite. It is a great way to start working on making your business more efficient, while taking advantage of great financial benefits.

The conditions to qualify, apply and to get more information on the grant, can be found on the National Research Council Canada site. You can also read success stories on their website about companies like yours who have been able to use ERP/CRM technology to better their processes. RossVideo, a company that provides their customers with products in the media industry, is a great example.

The Canadian government’s significant investment is geared towards achieving growth for their SMEs by encouraging business owners/operators to adapt digital technology. They deem this to be a very important step for growth, and a flag for the future of companies who aren’t innovators or perhaps fear change within the organization. DTAPP is a great way to take that leap into 21st century technology in order to increase overall productivity and sustainable growth.

Written By: Andrew Khalil

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