CSV Importing Matrix Items

An item Matrix consists of a parent item and sub-item. It allows you to track your items by options (ie, size, color etc). With this set up, only children items can be used on transactions. Some examples of this include Vintages for Wine (ie, Sauvingon Blanc 2013, 2012, 2008..etc), tools with variations, and t-shirts.
Matrix items cannot be created for groups, kits, and assemblies but include the following:
  • Inventory Item
  • Lot Numbered Inventory Item
  • Serialized Inventory Item
  • Non-Inventory Item for Sale
  • Non-Inventory Item for Resale
  • Non-Inventory Item for Purchase
  • Service Item for Sale
  • Service Item for Resale
  • Service Item for Purchase
  • Other Charge Item for Sale
  • Other Charge Item for Resale
  • Other Charge Item for Purchase

How to Create Matrix Items

  1. Use the Matrix Item Assistant in UI
  2. + creates options and items with a click
    - 1 process per matrix, not for mass import
  3. CSV Import
  4. + mass import
    - requires preparatory work
  5. Full Manual Process

Preparation Work for CSV Import

First an Administrator must enable the Matrix Items feature under Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features under the Items & Inventory subtab. 

Next, set up a custom list and custom item field for each matrix option. These can  be found respectively under Setup > Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > ...




CSV Import


Matrix Created


Editing an Existing Item Matrix

You can only edit certain fields on matrix subitems, all others can only be edited on the parent matrix item. It should be noted that fields edited on subitems are only changed for that specific item, and that there is a limit in NetSuite of 2000 child matrix items per parent matrix item.

The following matrix subitem fields are editable:

  • Item Name/Number
  • Display Name/Code
  • Vendor Name/Code
  • Purchase Description
  • Sales Description
  • Shipping Cost
  • Handling Cost
  • Item Weight
  • Purchase Price
  • Sales Price
  • Reorder Point

Updating a Matrix

There is an "Update Matrix" menu on the parent item. With CSV tool, each child matrix item record must be updated individually.


Add Items to a Matrix

There is an "Add Items" menu on the parent item.


In the User Interface, names are auto-generated however the items can be edited later.

Known CSV Limitations

  • You cannot change matrix option values for existing child matrix items
  • You cannot change the parent matrix item (subitem of value) for existing child matrix items
  • You cannot change the matrix type value for existing matrix items (ie, from child to parent)
  • Each child matrix item record must be updated individually

Content by: Felix Guinet

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