September: Tips & Tricks

1 - Tip: Adding a parent to a customer

When you add a parent to a customer by Webservices in a OneWorld account, that customer is automatically assigned the subsidiary from the parent.

2 - Tip: After vs OnOrAfter with Webservices

OnOrAfter: takes all the record without taking the hours/minutes/seconds into consideration. It takes the day as the date.

After: will take the hours/minutes/seconds into consideration. This is typically much more accurate.

3 - Trick:  Inventory Adjustment Worksheet Error- Multi Location - Inventory Distribution - Bin Managment

If you get the following error when performing an inventory adjustment worksheet:

The following bins specified for the item 1-030 are not defined in the transaction location (null): 3AA20

The problem is likely caused by the fact that the multi-location inventory feature has been enabled, and that some items have negative or back ordered inventory. Items with a negative inventory count cause problems when applying the Distribution operation that distributes the inventory to the multiple locations.

Follow these guidelines:

  1. Before enabling the MLI feature, please make sure that there are no negative inventory.
  2. After enabling the MLI feature, make sure to distribute the inventory.
  3. Assign BIN after distributing the inventory.
  4. Create a BIN Putaway Worksheet after assigning BIN.
  5. If there are any negative inventory after the MLI has been enabled, create an inventory adjustment backdated before the MLI to bring the account to a positive value.


  1. Thanks for sharing After vs OnOrAfter with Webservices tips, your tips is very useful.

  2. I still remember that day where we had that tough debugging session on why time of day was not taken into account! Solution resides in that not-so-trivial difference between after and onOrAfter. Cheers.