Comparison of Centers: which center should I use?

A NetSuite Center is a configuration of NetSuite created for a specific group of roles with similar tasks. For example, a center is used for an employee, a customer, a vendor, or a partner to be able to see transactions, or to create them. Depending on your role, and on your needs (ie, you don't want a customer to be able to see other customer data) you can choose between Customer Center, Partner Center, Advanced Partner Center, and Vendor Center.

These centers are differentiated mainly for reporting purposes, but each of them have particularities that will be explained below.


Customer Center

The Customer Center is used to see Transactions, saved searches, and apply payments. Customers can submit cases using the 'Customer Service and Support' feature, and can opt-in/opt-out of campaign emails. 

Company contacts can log in to the Customer Center of their Customer. 


Vendor Center

Only the vendor can log in to the Vendor Center with Vendor Center permissions. From here the vendor can see Transactions, Saved Searches, and Reports. 


Partner Center

From the Partner Center, a company can access lead, prospect, and customer records where they are the selected partner. They can also receive commissions, view, edit, and create subpartners and promotion codes, and view all relevant reports. 


Advanced Partner Center

The Advanced Partner Center is similar to what an employee would have access to, and is useful for highly active partners who require more access than the Partner Center provides. This center is fully customizable, the user can add or remove access to Records and Transactions via Setup > Users > Roles > Manage Roles. Access can also be granted to subpartners. 

Contacts can log in to the Advanced Partner Center of their Partner. This center uses a user license. 


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