Secured Domain Checkout

Secured domain checkout is used in the Custom Checkout Domain Module in NetSuite (this requires advanced website), and is a way to use a company's branding on the checkout process in NetSuite.

To configure this functionality, you will need a few things (prerequisites):

  • An SSL Certificate provided by Verisign or GoDaddy (.cert)
  • An intermediate certificate (_ca.cert or .crt)
  • A private key for the certificate
To configure these certificates in NetSuite, import the .cert and the _ca.cert file inthe SSL Certificates folder in the File Cabinet.  Once this is complete, configure the different fields on the page under the Secure Domains tab found under Setup > Website > Domains. 

To do so, check the enable box and under "Certificate" choose the certificate (.cert) that you imported, and under "CA Certificate" choose the intermediate certificate (_ca.cert or .crt). Under "Certificate Key" enter the key that was supplied by the certificate provider upon purchase (Hint: this should be in an email); if you receive a key password, enter it in the "Key Password" field. Now, choose the website you want the secured domain applied to in the 'Web Site' column. 

NOTE: The HTML Hosting Root should be Live Hosting Files.

As soon as the module is purchased the DNS can be configured. The DNS provider needs to point the domain you bought the certificate for to the  CName for DNS (found under the Secure Domains tab under Setup > Website > Domains). Once NetSuite deploys the secured domain (twice a month), go to Setup > Website > Set up Website and choose your new domain under the Setup tab. 


You can set up your own branding by following the these steps: 

  • Navigate to Setup > Website > Setup Website
  • Set a value in the field
  • Choose one of the Checkout URLs
Once you have saved, the checkout will use your own branding.

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