Getting Started with NetSuite's SuiteSocial

It's official! NetSuite has finally released SuiteSocial, it's social networking tool that promotes real-time updates and collaboration. At SuiteWorld 2011 there was mention of the tool and a lot of focus was given to Yammer, an external social networking tool that allows for integration within NetSuite. Now, NetSuite users have 2 options: they can install the SuiteSocial tool independently or install it with the Yammer extension.

Now, let's get to the nitty gritty: how to use this new tool!

To begin,  you can download it directly into your NetSuite instance (with the correct permissions) using the "Install Bundle Tool" under Setup.


NetSuite's SuiteSocial comes with a handy Admin Setup Assistant to help guide you through the setup process. To access the SuiteSocial Admin Setup Assistant, go to SuiteSocial > SuiteSocial Setup > SuiteSocial Admin Setup.

Step 1: Creating your SuiteSocial Profile


Step 2: Granting Permissions


Step 3: Set Up Channels


Step 4: Enable Records




Step 5: Set Up Default Record Subscriptions


Step 6: Set Up Email Preferences


Step12Step 7: Summary


Once the setting up is done you can go ahead and add the portlets to your dashboard.

1. "Personalize Dashboard" on the home screen
2. Add a Custom Portlet
3. Hover over the down arrow on the portlet and choose "set up"
4. Select "SuiteSocial News Feed" or "SuiteSocial Status"



The above screenshot shows that custom status updates can be created from the record and will show up in the news feed.

Stay tuned for a video demonstration of the product!!!


  1. Far too buggy for anything but the beta preview for now. It took almost 24 hours to apply the permissions to employees and has flubbed out with errors many more times and I am still in the setup process.

    I will probably revisit this after it goes through some more iterations.

  2. Is this an included feature or are there extra charges for this?

    1. The SuiteSocial bundle is a free, publicly available one. If you want to go further and install the Yammer one, I believe there is a cost associated with that as you need a Yammer account.

  3. Corey - Sorry to hear that you had issues. Like most things technology related the initial versions can be buggy. But I am sure things will iron themselves out!

  4. Hi Erica, I've been looking around to see what the advantages of SuiteSocial are in a business sense rather than how to conduct an installation. Is there anything out there?

    We have just been dumped 100% by Qontext so will almost certainly move to Yammer. There is an installation bundle directly with Yammer, so is there any advantage in installing SuiteSocial.

  5. The way suitesocial and yammer are positioned as a real-time collaboration tool within NetSuite. There is an installation bundle for Yammer within NetSuite so to my knowledge installing it is a breeze.

    Yammer from my understanding is more of a communication tool where as SuiteSocial's main selling feature is the real-time updates/alerts for changes to SOs, Customer records, etc (pretty much anything you want).

    My recommendation is to install SuiteSocial (it's free) and see if you like it and then move to integrating Yammer.

    Let me know what your thoughts are....

  6. I've been looking for a way to make my support department's activity (Netsuite cases) visible to the entire company on a Yammer-type news feed. We currently manually enter the info into Yammer (free version). This seems like it would be a good way to go about that, I think I'll give it a shot. Any advice?