June: Tips and Tricks

1 - Add or Import a contact with a first/last name that already exists for another contact

NetSuite does not allow for the addition of contacts with the same first/last name for the same company. In order to work around this when adding a second contact of that name (ie, John Smith), you must set the contact ID manually (this is usually set automatically to first/last name) with some sort of indicator that this is another person by said name.


Contact 1
Name: John Smith
ID: John Smith

Contact 2
Name: John Smith
ID: John B Smith /John Smith 2 etc.

This will allow you to maintain both contacts in your NetSuite instance, and be able to tell them apart from one another.

2- Message Saved Search

NetSuite does not allow you to directly create a saved search for messages, but there are a couple of workarounds that can be used.

A: A very basic method is doing a search for the record type for which you would like to check the messages. For example, a Customer search includes the "Messages..." fields.

B: There is a hidden Message search that can be accessed using this link:

NOTE: It seems that NetSuite encounters an Unexpected Error if you try to Save and Run, although you can Save it and you can Run it separately.

3 - Quick Tip: Discounts & Sales Reports 

When running a Sales report, Discounts applied to orders will NOT be considered if your order Subtotal is 0$.


Invoice is 0$, 10$ shipping, 10$ discount. Value of Sale = 10$

Invoice is 10$, Shipping is 10$, discount of 10$. Value of Sale = 0$.

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