Importing Gift Certificates

It is possible in NetSuite to import gift certificates into the system (NOTE: the certificates must already have an authorization code). To do so, ensure the following steps have been taken:

  • Enable the Gift Certificates feature under Setup > Company > Enable Features > Items & Inventory > Items > Gift Certificate Setup. 
  • Under Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Items/Transactions > Other Item Preferences > Gift Certificate Auth Code Generation
    • NOTE: there are three options: System Generated, Enter on Order, and Add-On Item. For this purpose it should be set to Enter on Order

This can be applied to both physical gift certificates/cards and virtual gift codes, however in order to do so a generic Customer against which to create the Cash Sales (and import the gift certificates onto), and a Generic Gift Item must be created. Using this generic customer, it is possible to import legacy gift certificates

NOTE: An email will be sent to the gift certificate recipient. You can enter the same e-mail for all certificates (ie, the generic customers e-mail), it will not impact who can use the certificate.

Create a CSV import mapping for Transactions > Cash Sale. (You could also use Invoice, but you will need to create payments/journals to close the transactions).

In the mapping, under NetSuite Fields > Cash Sale Items you will find the fields you need to correctly map, with the Gift Certificate specific fields corresponding to item options: 

Undep. Funds = No
Account = An account to post the transaction against

Amount (the amount remaining on each card - use the Note field to keep track of the original amount if needed)
Items : Item (the gift certificate item)
Items : Gift Message
Items : Code (those need to be unique!)
Items : Recipient Email (informational only)
Items : Recipient Name (informational only)
Items: From
Items: Tax Code

Viewing and Managing the Data

Once you have the Gift Certificate functionality set up, you can view and manage the data via Lists > Accounting > Gift Certificates. Through this it is possible to view the original and current value, although the current value can not be edited, the expiration date (this is illegal in some states - ie, PA). A gift certificate can be used in payment through the Order Form > Billing > Payments > Gift Certificate section.

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