March: Tips and Tricks

1 - Report Scheduling

It is possible to set up any report in NetSuite to e-mail automatically via a schedule. You can set up your Report Schedules to run when you like (every day, weekday, week, month, or year), as well as define who it should be sent to.

To do so you must do the following once you have created your report:

  • Select 'Schedule' in the bottom right hand corner, and fill out the form
  • Now, select the 'Recurrence' tab and set up as desired
You can view or edit this schedule at any time. 

2 - Third Party Billing

Third party billing accounts can be configured at two levels:
  • Global level in Setup > Company > Company Information. Both a Fedex and a UPS account number can be specified and these will be used according to the selected shipping item selected and which integrated shipping carrier its using. IE, if selecting a UPS shipping item, the UPS account number will be used. These values will be used whenever a customer's third party billing information is not set.
  • On The customer record, on the
    financial tab. These values override the Global values if they are set.
On the Sales order / Item Fulfillment, you need to select one of the shipping items using shipping integration
Once all that is done, on the fulfillment transaction you will see a Carrier tab appear. The third party billing information will be on this tab. 

NOTE:  it's important to remember that Third Party Billing is an Integrated Shipping funtionality because the shipping fees are automatically billed to one of the carriers NetSutie can communicate with. Third party billing will therefore be used whenever you use a shipping item configured to use the integrated shipping.
You must have: 
  • at least one Integrated Carrier account configured.
  • configured Shipping Items using the Shipping Integration functionality (Integrated Label checkbox selected).

3 - Default Role for New Customers

You can change the default role when giving customers access to the Customer Center role by going to Setup > Company > General Preferences and selecting the role in the field Default Role for New Customers.

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