January: Tips and Tricks

1 -Date Shortcut

Easy tip: For any date field in NetSuite it is possible to simply hit the date box and enter "T" for today's date to appear.

2 - Free Shipping with an Item

It is possible to offer free shipping promotions in NetSuite when customers buy certain items. When this preference is used, you must select whether only one of the items in the promotion can make an item ship for free, or if all the items must be purchased for the order to ship for free.

When this preference is used, the shipping for the entire order automatically adjusts to zero when the item(s) is added to the cart.

In order to offer free shipping on certain items you must:

1. Go to Lists > Accounting > Shipping Items
2. Select "Edit" next to the shipping item you would like to be free when the items are purchased (or, alternatively create a new shipping item for the promotion)
3. On the Free Shipping Items subtab, select the item(s) that should be offered for the promotion sans shipping charge for the specified shipping method and click Add (you can also click the Add Multiple button to quickly add several items).
4. Save

In order to require all items selected to be on an order before free shipping is offered, check the All Items Must Be Purchased box.

1 comment:

  1. Why is "free shipping" on a line item basis so complicated for NetSuite to get their heads wrapped around? How hard is it to have a checkbos on the item record that says "free shipping" and you just check it. Then at checkout, the program ignores using that item in any calculation.

    Or, how about when you select items on the Free shipping subtab" that they give you the option to connect it to a saves search so you don't have to maintain the list every time a new item is added?

    So so complicated.