December: Tips and Tricks

1 – Adding an email signature in NetSuite
When communicating with customers, it may be desirable for emails to have a specific name format and arrive from an email address other than that stored in NetSuite for the primary user. For example, the marketing rep may have a user email address of, but would like their emails to come from
This can be accomplished in NetSuite by going to Home > Set Preferences and under User Profile in the General subtab. Fill in the following:
· Nickname
· Signature
o HTML Code is valid
o If you want the signature to show up in all emails, then select the “Add Signature to Messages” box; if you want it only on specific emails, use a CRMSDK tag from within specific emails (ie, NLSIGNATURE)
· From Email Address (this can be any email address)

2 – Changing the Default Landing Page on Login
It is possible in NetSuite to set your primary dashboard to another Tab Dashboard other than the Home Dashboard (ie, Transactions, Reports, Activities, etc.).
To set a different Tab as your landing page on login navigate to Home > Set Preferences and select the Appearance subtab.
Under the Centers & Dashboards section, look for the “Landing Page” field, and select the tab that you would like to set as the default dashboard when you log in to NetSuite and save it. Now, when you log in to NetSuite, the selected dashboard should be the first tab you see.
3 –Merging or Deleting Duplicate Records in NetSuite
NetSuite provides the ability to detect and manage duplicate records. Searches performed for duplicates of customers, contacts, partners and vendors have the ability and offer the opportunity to merge duplicates into one record.
Users can specify criteria for records that are duplicates, records that are not duplicates, and which record to keep as the master record. It is also possible to define how to handle duplicate search results (either delete the duplicates or merge information from duplicates into a single master record).
To set these preferences, navigate to Setup > Company > Set Up Duplicates Detection Feature and set up accordingly.

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