November: Tips and Tricks

1 - Grouping Inventory Items

With online retailing, some item types group items together into a single product. Some products may be sold sometimes in a group (ie, a collection of albums), some may come in a kit (ie, magic kit), and others are assemblies.

✓ Item Group: When you add a group to a purchase or sales transaction, individual lines are added for each member of the group, with a subtotal line showing the entire group’s value.
The price of a group is always equal to the sum of the prices of its members. When you fulfill an order for a group, each member item appears as a separate line item and you fulfill them as if they were sold separately. Groups can’t be sold in a NetSuite Web store.

✓ Kit/Package: The greatest difference between groups and kits is that you may assign a price and revenue account to a kit, independent of the prices of its members.
When you fulfill an order for a kit, it appears as a single line item — in other words, you can’t fulfill different components of a kit at different times.
Both kits and groups may contain inventory items, but don’t have their own on-hand stock count. Kits can’t be purchased, but they may be sold in a NetSuite Web store.

✓ Assembly/Bill of Materials: You build assemblies out of other items, then use them like regular inventory items — tracking how many are in stock, committing them to orders, and fulfilling them as a single line item.

Assemblies may contain inventory, non-inventory, other charge, service items, or even other assemblies. You may stock assemblies by purchasing them as well as building them, and they may be sold in a NetSuite Web store.

2 - File Download with online form

NetSuite has the functionality to download a file after completing an online form. Before someone can download the file, they will be required to complete a form.

In order to do so, you need to have the desired document uploaded into the Filing Cabinet, and create the online form (Setup > Other Setup > Online Customer Forms) with the desired fields.

Once you have your file uploaded and the form created you can publish your file download with online form. Go to Website > Publishing > Publish Forms >New and select form type "Download file with online form".

There are 3 main fields to set up:

  • Select the online form (the one you created) that will have to be filled out prior to downloading the form
  • Select the downloadable file from the File Cabinet
  • Select the category on the website to publish the form

Once you have saved, any links to that document with the form ID will be rerouted to the form before the document may be downloaded.

3 - Using NetSuite's List Shortcuts

It is possible to find records quickly in NetSuite via list shortcuts. There are lists provided in NetSuite for all the major record types including customers, transactions, opportunities and events.

  • To sort a list by a particular column, click the column header; an arrow in the header will show whether the sort order is ascending or descending. Clicking the header again will reverse the sort order.
  • Lists always display a footer section at the very bottom of the page, and the section will contain filters that allow you to adjust list results
  • The footer section contains a View drop-down list. Views allow you to change the columns of data in the list, or to filter the results.

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