September: Tips & Tricks

1 - Automatic Image Re-size
NetSuite has the capabilities to automatically re-size images in your website. This removes the need to upload different sizes of the same image, and saves time and server space.

How it’s done:
  1. Go to Setup->Other Setup->Image Resizing

  2. Check the box under "Enabled" next to each type of image to be automatically re-sized.

  3. Enter the maximum pixel height and width desiredfor each type of image.

  4. Click “Save”
*Please note that NetSuite can only resize images less than 5 Megapixels.

2 - Reorder Points
To simplify what would otherwise be a tedious and error-prone manual process, you can set up reorder points and preferred stock levels on your item records, and place purchase orders for the appropriate items and quantities with one click by using the Order Items page.

  • Reorder point: When the stock level of an inventory item dips down to or below the reorder point, it’s time to order more of that item. You can set the reorder point value above zero to give yourself a buffer of items to sell until the next shipment arrives.

  • Preferred stock level: The quantity you want to have on hand after you restock the inventory item.

You can set or edit the reorder point and preferred stock level under the Inventory tab on your inventory item records. If you also use the Multi-Location Inventory feature, you may specify a different reorder point and preferred stock level for each location.

3 - Automatically Put Cursor in Global Search Box
A convenient short-cut for those frequenting their Global Search Box:

To have the cursor automatically displayed in the Global Search Box, simply hit ALT-G, and voila! you are good to go.

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