Dynamically Displaying Tax Codes in PDF Layout

NetSuite has the capability to display the actual tax code of a transaction on any PDF printout. If you track taxes for multiple nexuses, and use tax schedules to determine the tax treatment of items sold in each nexus this could be useful.

The following preferences are available when configuring tax for nexuses except Australia, Canada, Japan, Philippines, UK, and US.

In this example, I use the Estimate record/form to display the actual tax code that is used on the transaction.

Here are the steps that you will need to follow to achieve this:

1. Navigate to Setup > Accounting> Setup Taxes > United States > Per-Line Taxes on Transactions = T

2. Setup > Accounting > Setup Taxes > Germany (or any other supported nexus) > Print Tax Code Summary on Sales Forms = T.

3. Customize your transaction form of interest. 

4. Change the PDF layout to Transaction Layout with Tax Summary.

5. Customize the Transaction Layout with Tax Summary PDF Layout by navigating to Setup >Customization >Transaction Form PDF Layout.

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