August: Tips & Tricks

1 - RSS/Atom Feeds on your Dashboard
It is possible to publish information from news sources and RSS feeds on your personalized dashboard. There are certain feeds that NetSuite offers as a default; however you can also display custom RSS feeds from other sites or create a custom feed to publish messages to users of your NetSuite account.
Display custom RSS feeds from other sites with these steps:
  1. Choose Personalize Dashboard so that the “Add Content” pane appears.
  2. Select RSS/Atom Feed.

To remove a feed, click the X in the upper-right corner of the portlet.
*Note that a RSS feed that an admin has set up is automatically added to your dashboard.

2 - What’s the difference between KPIs, KPI meters, and KPI scorecards?
  • A KPI shows a quick table of the key performance indicators that you select to be displayed. The table includes the KPI name, the period being compared (this month versus last month, for example), the current value, the previous value, and the percentage change. This portlet provides a quick overview of a number of KPIs.
  • A KPI meter shows how you’re doing on a particular KPI.
  • KPI scorecards are powerful analytical tools that are mainly used by managers to monitor the relationships among KPIs (ie, they can monitor the company’s fiscal health).
    3 - Setting a minimum order amount
    In some circumstances or business models, it may be necessary to require that customers order a minimum amount (ie, if credit card companies are charging you a certain percentage per order etc).
    In order to set the minimum order amount in NetSuite:
    1. Navigate to Setup >Web Site >Set Up Website
    2. Select the Shopping tab.
    3. Enter the minimum order amount desired for orders
    Following this, any order that totals less than the amount you set will receive an error message. Alternatively, you can also set a minimum order quantities (not dollar amount) for individual items by filling out the Minimum Quantity field under the Sales/Pricing tab.


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