NetSuite Component for Talend Data Integration

I recently discovered a new component within Talend, tNetsuiteInput. Prior to this components existence, it was necessary to build our own code to pull information from NetSuite in order to send it to other systems. With this solution, it has become far easier to fetch information, thus saving an incredible amount of time and effort. Here is the step by step explanation on how to use the component.

First, you need to open your Talend Integration Suite (or Open Studio) to gain access to a job design. Once there, click the “Talend Exchange” tab that is used to get components from the Talend communities. Under that tab, select the “Refresh” button, this will list the components available from the Talend Exchange (Note: be sure that the Talend studio filter is set to 4.1). To quickly find the component, type “tNetsuiteInput” in the find field and press enter.

There it is! Simply click on the green “Install Component” arrow and it will install the component automatically.

Now that the installation step is done, you can set your preferences. Select from the list of components on the right hand side of the screen; Business --> NetSuite --> tNetsuiteInput. If you go to the Basic Settings on the component, you can change the credential to set the Netsuite WebService URL that you use such as,, the username, the password, the role, and the account number.

Now the fun begins. Select the record type that you wish to fetch the information for. For this purpose, let’s choose an easy one, a Customer record. Select fields from the schema that you want to get information for.

Let’s choose Internal Id, External Id, Email, Entity Id and Company Name. Set as many criterion as you need. In this case, I set a specific customer id to only get one result. If you want to see the results of your search, I suggest that you add a “tLogRow” component so you can see the results in a table view.

Give it a try! We would love to hear your feedback on the component. Feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts,


  1. I just tried this in my mac but the component fail to download with the following error:

    An internal error occurred during: "Downloading files from Talend Exchange".

    Please advice

  2. Hello,

    Are you able to download anything else from Talend Exchange? (Looks like there's a problem with connecting to Talend Exchange). As a workaround, we could send you the component by email.

    Let us know.

    Daniel Giguere

  3. Will you be able to post this job on your blog as an example ?

  4. Hi Victor,

    Yes we've setup a sample job with tNetSuiteInput v0.4.3, Here it is:
    And here's the link to the Talend Exchange component page: