July: Tips & Tricks

1-Choose which Countries you ship to
It is possible to limit which countries you ship to (ie, if you are unable to ship to a specific location.) To do so:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Website > Set Up Web Site > New
  2. Select the Shopping tab
  3. Deselect the “Web Store Ships to All Countries” check box
  4. In the “Countries Web Store Ships to” drop-down list, select whichever countries customers are able to have their items shipped to. Use [ctrl] + click to select multiple countries.
  5. Click “Save”

2 - Enabling Terms and Conditions
For some businesses, it may be necessary to set Terms and Conditions with regards to return policies, contract details or warranty information. This feature can be enabled in NetSuite to ensure that your customers agree to the terms before they submit an order.
To set this up:
  1. Navigate to Setup->Web Site->Set up Web Site
  2. Select the Shopping Tab
  3. In the “Review & Submit Page” section, check the “Require Terms and Conditions” checkbox.
  4. Paste the HTML of your company’s legal terms and conditions into the box.
  5. Click "Save"

3 -Unable to find that field or option?

Sometimes you will see different settings depending on which role you’re using in NetSuite. There are also differences between standard and custom forms, features that may not be enabled in your account, or specific customizations available through add-ons.

If you can’t find an option and you have the permission to do so, you may have an option just below your tabs in the top-left of the screen, to select “Customize” and change the available fields in a form. Voila!

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