Using NetSuite eCommerce as a Content Management System (CMS)

There are multiple aspects to an ecommerce business: account management, inventory management, warehouse management, customer relationship management (CRM) as well as innumerous spreadsheets and paper systems. There are many software packages and programs designed to address each of these aspects individually. This multiple-program approach can be immensely overwhelming to manage and frankly, trying to consolidate information across three or four different software programs is neither practical nor sustainable, particularly if a company experiences a growth cycle.
NetSuite eCommerce provides a single solution business application to manage and grow your ecommerce businesses. A single system with a range of functionality, it includes all the elements required in the modern business, including fully integrated applications for ecommerce, marketing, order management, inventory and accounting. These integrated applications involve specialized features such as up-sell and cross-sell configuration, secure registration, partner management for B2B, promotional tools, back-office inventory, and many others to provide the most cohesive, transparent and effective management tools possible.
Specifically, NetSuite’s web hosting and content management option provide the simple functionality to create and customize multiple websites from a single integrated account. The ability to upload custom style sheets and HTML pages allows for a range of freedom in the look and feel of your ecommerce site, and with the CMS features available, even the non-computer-savvy can add simple updates like custom forms and images. Some of the CMS features include:
  • Ability to manage product lists, images, product availability, languages and more easily with NetSuite's powerful database-driven capabilities
  • Host your own customized HTML pages using NetSuite's customizable publishing tools
  • Quickly make changes to your site—just type in the content and select images
  • Upload your own style sheets and tailor site elements such as headers, footers, tab bars, sidebars, buttons and content wrappers
  • Create personalized content and pricing for each customer: display different items, pricing and content to different customers based on their price level, customer grouping or purchase history
  • Help your visitors get to relevant content instantly with NetSuite's built-in site search.
From a practical standpoint, the vertical and horizontal process integration capabilities are a huge catalyst for increasing efficiency, smoothing process links, and promoting clear and precise information connections between different sections of the company. The benefits of this are huge, specifically from an operational perspective; less time spent connecting programs and piecing together information means that more time can be spent promoting and selling product. Ideally, single Content Management Systems are formulated to make web maintenance simple; NetSuite eCommerce is formulated to make your entire ecommerce operation as simple and cohesive as possible.
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