Marketing with NetSuite Just Got Easier

Marketing automation, or the process of simplifying marketing tasks through a series of automated events is something many companies depend on. With its focus on lead generation through targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in a company's products or services and nurture leads from first interest through to sale, marketing automation plays an instrumental part in your business' development.

ERP Guru has teamed up with Pardot, a company offering a cloud-based solution that shows your sales team exactly where to spend its time in order to maximize ROI. Advanced micro-level web analytics allows Pardot to capture all relevant prospect activities, both on and off your site, and help you determine who is showing the most buying signals.

The platform offers:

Lead Scoring

Automatically scoring leads based on their activity on your website provides hard, objective data in an otherwise subjective sales process. At a glance, your sales rep can look at there list of leads, quickly prioritize them based on score, and follow up with those that are mostly likely to become opportunities.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Marketing automation solutions allow you to place your non-sales ready leads into nurturing tracks. You can then ensure that your marketing efforts periodically “touch” them via automated, timed, one-to-one advertising such as email or direct mail.

Micro-Level Web Analytics

Advanced micro-level web analytics allows you to view a log of all touch points with your prospect. See the pages your prospect has visited, files downloaded, email correspondence, and more.

Website Visitor ID and Anonymous Visitor Tracking

Although B2B marketers would love to follow up with most website visitors, the majority of your traffic will unfortunately be anonymous. Some studies have shown that as little as 2% of website visitors become real prospects. Track the other 98%.

ERP Guru is providing the ability to integrate Pardot's Marketing Automation software directly into NetSuite. For more information about marketing automation in NetSuite visit the ERP Guru website.

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