June: Tips and Tricks

1 - Inline Editing of Lists
If you’ve pulled up a list of records and you need to change or create a new record, instead of clicking the New button on the bottom right, switch to Inline Editing toggle at the top of the list to the right of the page name. You can then click in the boxes as if you're in a spreadsheet editor, or check the Quick Add box near the bottom and you'll be able to rapidly create new entries.

2 - Opening from a Global Search
When you’re searching for a record, you often want to find and immediately modify it. Doing this is simple with the Auto Suggest Edit function. To open any Auto Suggest match for editing, click the Edit link that appears on the right side of the suggestion as you hover over the match. For record types that provide a dashboard, click the Dashboard icon that appears when you hover over the suggested match.

3 - Prefixes in Global Search
You can add a prefix in Global Search; This not only limits your search results, but can also take you directly into a record in edit mode. Simply capitalize the first letter of the prefix to open the record in edit mode.

For instance, if you’re looking for an employee named Augustus and you know you only have one Augustus. Type in E:Augustus and snap — you’re editing Augustus’s employee record. (If you have more than one Augustus, of course you’ll see a list instead. Then you’d click the Edit link, as before, to edit the record.)

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