Adding Information Items with Pictures and Forms - NetSuite Webstores Part 2

The visual bread and butter of any website is its content. Well-formatted content with images and visual aids helps to create a content-rich and visually dynamic site. NetSuite makes this simple with a WYSIWYG editor (including an optional HTML view), perfect for creating content and media rich information items. Text and image information items in NetSuite allow you to blend information and media together using a simple input form.

To create a Text and Image information item:
  1. Go to Website > Publishing > Information Items > New
  2. Select “Text and Image” as the type (although there is little difference from the Formatted Text type, as both have the option to include media, as well as the WYSIWYG editor)
  3. Enter a name in the field at the top of the page. This should be the name that you want your information item to appear as.
  4. On the Basic sub-tab, enter brief and detailed item descriptions. These descriptions can include letters, numbers, basic punctuation, as well as basic HTML codes such as bolding, bulleted lists, and underlines (these are also easily inserted using the WYSIWYG editor - to insert HTML manually toggle the input area between the Formatted Text and HTML Source Code options).

NOTE: If you would like the item to be featured on the site, select the Featured Item checkbox and enter a featured description.

5. 5. Select one or more categories under which you would like this item to appear.
6. 6. Click the Media sub-tab (located right beside the Basic sub-tab).

7. Select images in the Item Thumbnail and Item Picture fields.

TIP: NetSuite allows you to set default sizes for images under Setup > Other Setup > Image Resizing. Files must be marked as available externally in the File Cabinet in order to be displayed on your website. All files uploaded into the Images folder are available externally by default.

8. Click “Save”; your website should update automatically. If you do not see your changes right away, this is more than likely due to the fact that NetSuite servers clear their cache at set times.

To add pictures to an existing information item, you would go through the same actions. Select the Media sub-tab, add images in the Item Thumbnail and Item Picture fields and finally save the information item so that it updates automatically.

Similarly to information items, adding forms to your site is a great way to increase interactivity, improve customer experience, and make communications from customer to company very simple. NetSuite offers five form options: Email Form, Search Form, Case Form, Customer Form and File Download with Online Form.

Before publishing forms, you must first create the form with the fields that you intend to use. To do so, navigate to Setup > Other Setup > Online Customer Forms > New. You have the option of using either a Default Form Template or a Custom HTML template (this is discretionary - for the custom HTML template simply upload the HTML file you wish to use). Once you have created a new form you will be able to give it a title and select the fields that you wish to include. Save your form; you will then be able to publish it to the website.

To publish your new form, go to Website > Publishing > Publish Forms > New. You will then have to choose which type of form you wish to publish, and fill out the starred fields (these differ based on the type of form you wish to create). Save to publish.

Adding information items with images as well as forms is an easy way to make your content visually appealing and interactive for customers. With NetSuite you have a variety of easy-to-use options designed to make these additions as simple and comprehensive as possible.

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