May: Tips and Tricks

1 - Creating Quotes from Opportunities
You can create a quote directly from an opportunity in NetSuite. This avoids duplicate entries in your sales forecast and allows you to attach multiple quotes that correspond to different scenarios.

  • From your opportunities list, select the opportunity for which to create a quote
  • Click edit, then navigate to the Quotes tab
  • Click the “New Quote” button
  • From there, fill in the quote record as you normally would, then click Save
** Remember that multiple quotes will have different effects on your sales forecasting

2 - Quickly add a page to your shortcuts
  • Navigate to whichever page in NetSuite it is you need quick access
  • Click on the star icon in the upper-left corner of the page
  • Select “add to shortcuts”

3 - NetSuite Webstore 301 Redirects
Do you have a webpage that has moved or no longer exists? If so, you should probably have it redirected to another page on your website, to avoid frustrating visitors and ultimately getting punished by the almighty search engines. 
  • Navigate to Setup->Website->Redirects
  • Click “New”
  • Choose the domain name for which this redirect applies
  • Enter the old URL in the “Redirect From” field, and the new URL in the “Redirect To” field.
  • Click “Save”

Make sure to test it by opening the old URL in a browser, your visitors should be directed to where they wanted to go, rather than getting a frustrating “Page not found” error.

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