ERP Guru Takes on SuiteWorld 2011

The ERP Guru team arrived back at their respective airports this past Thursday after a whirlwind four days in San Francisco. This year NetSuite opened its doors to users and partners alike, making it their largest conference to date. It is my best estimate that NetSuite saw nearly 2000 people roll through the doors of the Marriott. The opening weekend was devoted to pre-conference training, and ERP Guru's arrival coincided with the official start of the conference.

Tuesday morning's general session was led by Zach Nelson, NetSuite's CEO. "The Cloud Changes Everything" was the title of the presentation and Zach sure showed the crowd the extent to which NetSuite is leading the way. NetSuite's business is clearly changing course; "Let's face it, no one wants to do accounting in the cloud, they want to do business processes." stated Zach Nelson during his keynote address. This shift is evident in Accenture's coming on board as a partner along with NetSuite's goal of selling to Fortune 500 companies. The impressive announcement that Groupon is now a NetSuite customer proves that the company is moving towards a larger, more geographically diverse client base.

Evan Goldberg, co-founder and CTO of NetSuite, was the speaker at Wednesday's general session. His presentation focused on NetSuite's growing assortment of partner applications. Social tools from Qontext, supply chain execution from ebizNet and Google App integration from Celigo were all unveiled. SuitePhone mobile extensions were discussed, but from the reaction of the crowd, improvements to NetSuite's analytics and means of presenting graphical information stole the show.

A larger portion of the conference was dedicated to breakout sessions. NetSuite offered eight different streams ranging from Sales, Executive Insights and SuiteCloud Platform. I personally attended the sales centric sessions and was thoroughly impressed by the caliber of the presentations. All talks were delivered by either Directors or VPs of NetSuite which fostered a sense of intimacy with the the growing company.

Overall, SuiteWorld 2011 was a huge success. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post reviewing some of the more technical solutions that were unveiled at the conference.

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