NetSuite 2011.1 Highlights

NetSuite is launching version 2011.1. Customers are being given a preview of the new version in which they are able to try out the new features as well as confirm that their instances are performing to their liking. Version 2011.1 introduces many new features and enhancements to existing functions. Below is a highlight of what is being offered.

Default Web Site Templates for Upsell Items
Previously, NetSuite used the same template to display lists of upsell items on your website as it did for related items. Now NetSuite users will be provided a default template for upsell items, and with the Advance Site Customization feature, can apply their own custom html template to upsell items to differentiate them from related items.

Visitor Activity Report Optimization
Visitor Activity Report has been optimized, such that hits from search engines indexing your site are no longer counted, providing more accurate data on what your visitors are actually doing. You may notice a drop in the visitor count on your website because of this.

Large Currency Amount Support
In this release, NetSuite has increased the size of currency fields to increase support for global organizations, making it easier for businesses to conduct large transactions. You can now budget in local currencies, and record a variety of transactions in larger currency amounts.

Mass Update for Permissions on Roles
There is a new add/edit permission on custom roles mass updates. This enables you to add, remove or modify permissions for multiple roles at the same time.

Default Vendor Tax Codes
If you use the UK or International editions of NetSuite, you can now set a default tax Code for vendors, to be applied by default on purchase orders and vendor bills.

Click here to view the full release notes from NetSuite.

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