Creating a Selection Tree: Quick and Simple

Have you ever had to set up an information field where the available options are dependent on the selection of a previous information field? This practice is quite common, for example in cases where details of various issues determine the lower levels of debugging details or if the state/province drop down list is dependent on the selected country.

Here are a few easy steps to accomplish this in NetSuite and without any coding!


As an Administrator (or any other role allowing you to create new Record Types), simply create a Record Type (Setup->Customization->Record Type->New) for each level of detail required within your selection tree. In our example we will only look at 3 levels (Application Type, Application and Application Version) but as many levels as required could be set up in this fashion. Here we have the Application Type where we can select either "Operating Systems" or "Browsers".

Each new Record Type would also contain a Multiselect Field, having all of the valid selections when choosing this particular value.


To make use of these new records, new fields would have to be added on the Case Record for the Application Type, the Application and Application Version. Each field would then be sourced based on the values defined in the previous level. In this case, the Application field would be sourced from the Application Type field previously selected on this Case Record.

Once the setup is complete, Application Field on the Case will be derived from the Application Type Field.

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