April: Tips and Tricks

1- Wildcards

In order to avoid returning extremely large result sets, Global Search returns exact matches on purely numeric search terms, such as case numbers or part numbers. For example, by default, when you type inv:115, only invoice number 115 is returned.
Use the percent sign (%) as a wildcard to get around the default behavior. If you add the % sign to the previous entry (type in inv:115%), all invoices with numbers starting with 115 are returned.

2- Microsoft Outlook Users
There is a no-cost feature for Microsoft Outlook users that enables users to synchronize their calendars, tasks, events, and contacts between NetSuite and Outlook. To read more, click Help in the upper right on the dashboard and search for "NetSuite for Outlook".

3- Quantity pricing
You can set up discounts that automatically kick in when a certain number of items is sold in the same transaction.

Enabling quantity pricing
To use this functionality, an Administrator must first enable the Quantity Pricing feature:

  1. From the Setup tab menu choose Company->Enable Features.
  2. On the Transactions tab, select the Quantity Pricing check box.
With quantity pricing on, the Pricing tab on the item record has multiple columns. The columns represent the following:

  • The default discount percentage
  • Default pricing, which shows a minimum sales quantity of 0
  • Columns where you can enter numbers for the minimum to be ordered to receive a certain quantity price break (for example, 25, 50 or 100)


  1. Have you gotten MSFT Outlook sync to work consistently over a long period of time? We've tried twice. Both times it worked ok for awhile and then started breaking down.

    We have 70 users and I think there are still one or two for whom it still works, but for the other 68, over time it became too finicky to make it worth the effort.

    If you've gotten a version up and consistently working for a large group of people, maybe we'll look at it again, but what's that old line? "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

    What would that make the third time?

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Have you checked out the NetSuite <-> Microsoft Exchange integration from Riva?

    It allows you to sync at the exchange server level.