March: Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone, it is very nearly spring, and it's time for the March edition of NetSuite Tips and Tricks! Today we'll be looking at basic NetSuite vocabulary, how to customize NetSuite's appearance, and a quick way of opening searches in a new tab.

1- Speaking NetSuite Lingo

Here are a few definitions that newcomers to NetSuite will find helpful:

    Record: Entry of information related to a single business concept.

    Form: Page through which you enter records and transactions.

    Field: Place on a record or transaction where you enter information.

    Subtab: Section of the record or transaction that groups fields by subcategory.

    List: Menu of values that you can select in a field.

(once this lead is saved, a new record will be created)

    Script: SuiteScript JavaScript file that runs agains a specific form or record type, or that creates a custom portlet.

    Role: A set of permissions that lets customers, vendors, employees and partners access specific areas of your data.

    Center: Configuration of NetSuite creasted for a specific group of roles with similar tasks.

    Center Tab: grouping of similar links and information. These may include Home, Reports, Documents, Activities and Setup. You can also create custom center tabs.

    Breadcrumbs: Links that appear in the upper left hand corner of every page in NetSuite. Simply click a breadcrumb to return to one of the pages you previously visited.

2- Making NetSuite Your Own

Did you know that there are a number of ways in which you can change the appearance of your NetSuite account?

To increase the font size, under the Home tab, select "Set Preferences", then click on the "Appearance" subtab. Under "Styles", select your desired zoom level. There are a number of other customizations available in this window.

To change your color theme in NetSuite, you can select a "Classic Colour Theme" from the appearance subtab. For further customization, click on the Setup tab, then select Other Set Up > Color Themes. From here, you can modify existing themes or create your very own!

3- Open a Global Search in a New Browser Window/Tab

You can make global search results open in a new browser window or tab by adding an extra colon between the prefix and the search string ex. cu::customername, ite::itemname, etc. This simple trick can save a bit of time when you need to search for something without leaving your current page.

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