Integrating Jigsaw's API with NetSuite

A while back, we were asked to look into a solution that would allow Sales Reps to create lists of leads and import them directly into NetSuite.

While tools and add-ons have already been created for this purpose, they are often costly and not an option for smaller companies on a tighter budget. The benefit to these expensive add-ons, is that they also offer many other CRM features besides just lead imports.

However, if you are interested in only creating lead lists for Sales Reps and importing them into NetSuite, you can do so yourself with minimal knowledge of NetSuite SuiteScripts.

After a little bit of investigation, we realized that Jigsaw, an “online business directory of companies and business professionals that is built, maintained and accessed by a worldwide community of over a million subscribers”, would be a perfect third party tool to help us create our lists.

What's interesting about Jigsaw is that they provide a RESTful API to interact with.
This allows you to create a mash-up for NetSuite. Using the Jigsaw's API, you can:

  • Search companies and contacts;
  • Access company and contact information
  • Purchase contact information using the Jigsaw credit system
  • Make requests (read : nlapiRequestURL) to Jigsaw and get results in either JSON or XML

This last point allows you to use basic coding and your own logic process in order to import the lists as entities directly into NetSuite.

The only downside in the API is that they don't provide developers with a way of letting you pull a "list" or query the lists of contacts that you've created directly on the Jigsaw website. This may change in the future.

However, this obstacle is easily overcome with a few custom records in NetSuite. The possibilities of what you want to import and how it is imported is truly limitless.

What do you need to get started?
  • A Jigsaw account
  • A Jigsaw's Developer account in order for you to get a token to access the API;
  • Basic coding skills.

Once you're done with your own implementation, you'll have empowered your business with further automation and keep your Sales Reps busy!


  1. Great write-up Samantha and we created a cool app for this to NetSuite last April below which utilizes Jigsaw's robust API capabilities on the SnapLogic platform.

    I shot this over to Tom Leach who runs their Salesforce partner programs to show him your blog too since you would be prime partners I think for this type of solution.


  2. If your customers want to integrate company and contact information inside of NetSuite, you should try InsideView for NetSuite. It takes about 1-2 minutes to install from the bundle repository.

    Happy hunting!

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