Outputting Rate when using Units of Measure

Hi everyone!

Today I decided to share a simple fix for those of you using Units of Measure (UoM).

When you use UoM to create a Transaction Search, and you output the Item Rate column, NetSuite automatically converts the rate from the transaction to the base unit.

Let's take the example of selling a box of 10 cookies. My base unit is a box of 1, so a box of 10 is 10 times my base unit. On the Sales Order, everything is clear –my rate is 5.99 per box of 10, I'm selling 5 of those, it's all good.

However, if I run a Transaction Search and output this information, NetSuite automatically divides my item rate by 10, displaying $0.599, which can be rather confusing!

The solution to this is the addition of a very simple Formula field in my search. All I need to do is add a Formula (Currency) column with the following formula: {rate}*{quantity}/{quantityuom}

Using the formula, the rate is displayed as it does on the sales order. In other words, the formula overrides the NetSuite default and the Item Rate on my Transaction search is properly displayed as $5.99 as opposed to $0.599.

Hope this helps!


  1. Thanks. We have had issues with UoM on some items.
    Most are OK. On a few - I have trued to divide quantity by a custom item field to have cases listed instead of pieces. Does not seem to be working. Can you help?

  2. Hello,

    What do you mean by not working? What is the formula you applied, and what was the result?