January: Tips and Tricks

Happy New Year! In this month's edition of NetSuite Tips and Tricks we take a look at CSV Imports, Email Alerts and ensuring all users see the right labels that the NetSuite Administrator has set.

1- CSV Import Limitations and Best Practices

Importing records into NetSuite is made somewhat easier with NetSuite Import Assistant. However, there are a couple of limitations users should be aware of before they get started:The CSV file can not be longer than 25,000 rows. This includes the header row, which means that you can only import 24,999 records at a time. If you attempt to import larger CSV files, you will be given an error message right off the bat, letting you know that your CSV file is too large.
  • Our NetSuite Gurus have found that importing data into NetSuite in non-peak hours speeds the process up (i.e. between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. PST)
2- Viewing Records Link from Saved Search Alerts

If you have ever set up a Saved Search alert, be it for new lead records or sales order fulfilments, then you know that by default NetSuite does not include a link to the record in the email.

That option can be modified simply by checking the "Include View Record Link" checkbox, found in the Customize Message subtab, under the Email tab of the Saved Search.

3- Not Seeing the Right label? Check your language setting.

If you are a NetSuite Administrator and you change the labels on, for example, a Sales Order form, and yet no one else in your company is able to see these changes, it is likely just a language setting issue.

If the Administrator's language is set to English - International and other users aren't seeing their changes, it is because the other users language is set to English - US. Simply change the other users language preference to English - International and the problem should correct itself!

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