December: Tips and Tricks

Welcome to the December edition of Tips and Tricks. For this month, I've added a scripting tip. While this may not appeal to the average NetSuite User, we have found that NetSuite scripting advice is few and far between on the net. We will try and dedicate at least one monthly tip to scripting – for all those programmers out there.

NetSuite Status Page

The first is an oldie but a goodie, and I figured perhaps the NetSuite Status page isn’t common knowledge. If you are having trouble with NetSuite, or NetSuite just isn’t loading, visit
On this page you’ll find:
  • Current NetSuite Status
  • Average uptime for the past week
  • Any issues for the day
  • Upcoming maintenance schedules

Can’t Find that Form to Edit?

There are actually THREE places to edit forms in NetSuite. We ran into this problem with our new site because we have so many forms and for some reason we couldn’t always find where the form was located if we needed to edit it.
You can find form under:
  • Customer Online Forms
  • Published Forms
  • And directly on custom records
Important to note: Forms that are directly on custom records are not located anywhere other than on the actual custom record.

Scripting Tip: Validating Fields as Not True

Try not to validate a field as false ('F') if you want to validate if it is not true ('T'). NetSuite can sometimes set the checkbox field to blank (instead of false) and this can cause problems during your validation.
If you want to validate that your field is not true ('T') :
DO : if(nlapiGetFieldValue('checkbox') != 'T')
DON’T: if(nlapiGetFieldValue('checkbox') == 'F')
This bug is inconsistent, but if you are experiencing this problem this would be the workaround.

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