November Tips and Tricks

In this new monthly series, I will go through all the notes our software engineers have made regarding NetSuite, and compile a tips and tricks list.

They will be short bullet point lists, with quick hit facts. Nothing fancy, just pure useful NetSuite information.

I will start off by doing this every month, and then hopefully, if the series becomes popular increase to once a week.

So without further ado, here is the November edition of Tips and Tricks.

Write-Off Account for Returns Option

  • In NetSuite, under Accounting Preferences --> Order Management, there is an option to "Write-Off Account for Returns". If this option is selected and you select an Inventory Asset account, the "Re-stock" checkbox on RMA Item Receipt no longer works. This is because even if you uncheck it, you are writing off to an inventory asset which means you're returning the item to inventory. So make sure the write-off account is NOT an Inventory Asset account.

Mass Delete Records without Scripting
  • This one come from the User Group, but it is very much worth mentioning here. You can mass-delete records without scripting by following these steps.
  1. Create a saved search with criteria that returns the records you want to delete
  2. Turn on inline editing
  3. On the first record you want to delete, click into an editable column
  4. Ctrl-Click, (or shift-click to select and entire batch) in the same column of other records you want to delete. (be careful: you can't deselect with Ctrl-Click so make sure you click on the right record or you will have to start over)
  5. Select as many records as you wish and click delete
Note: Not all columns of a search let's you select multiple records. It's really a trial and error procedure to figure out which columns let you do this. A good rule of thumb is non-mandatory fields.

Printing Transactions as a PDF or html File
    • Even if you set the default printing layout for transactions to be in PDF format, you will notice when you print an Opportunity it still prints in html whereas a Quote or Sales Order prints in PDF. This is because the PDF settings only apply to Quotes and upwards. This same behaviour also applied to Customer Records – they will only print in HTML Format.