New NetSuite Tool: Creating Phone Calls from Saved Searches

Over the past several years, I’ve been asked many times about tools that automatically create call down lists for sales and customer services teams:

“I have lists of people or companies in my NetSuite system that I want my sales people to call, is there any way to create phone calls for each of these entries?”

“When leads respond to our NetSuite marketing campaigns, I have to manually create a phone call record for my sales people. Is there any way to automate this?”

“I want to create a call down list of contacts or companies in NetSuite but I can’t get them to fall off of my saved search list…”

In response to this, I asked a couple of the software engineers at ERP guru if they could develop a NetSuite configuration that enables users to create a phone call task for contacts or companies using the results from a saved search.

This script requires users to create a saved search and configure the parameters for when a sales rep. would be given a phone call task.

Now, you may be asking, “Who does the phone call get assigned to?” or, “Can I control the number of calls it assigns per day?”

The configurable parameters allow you to define who the call is assigned to and how many calls they should be assigned per day—it can even take into account weekend!

I have been using this script for over a week now, and I can say that so far it works flawlessly. We haven’t packaged this as a stand-alone add-on just yet, but we can definitely configure this script for someone if they are interested.

This configuration will save time starting with it’s first use, so that the cost of implementing it really just pays for itself in the end.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if this is something that interests you!

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