The Wonders of NetSuite Reporting : The Menu Bar

For a long time now, we have been receiving request from our fellow NetSuiters on how to customize various reports. While complex customizations do require advanced searches, you can generally use the wonderful menu bar located at the bottom of most reports (financial and sales) to help you reach the Valhalla of reporting.

As you can see from the screenshot below the menu bar alone doesn’t seem to have all that much to offer. However you can unleash the true power of your report by clicking on the "More" link hidden at the end of the filter list.
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Clicking the "More" link will display a complete new list of filters for your report. You will have access to Class, Department (one of the most requested), Location, Item and Customer.

The sheer number of possibilities that the "More" link provides you with may prompt you to ask “what are those cute buttons on the right?" Those my fellow NetSuiters are EVEN more customizations for your report!

On the picture below, you can see options to change what is displayed on the report.

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If those tips to help you reach better report still does not get you there, customization might be required *wink*. But don't be afraid to experiment with the menu in the reports, you could be surprise how far you can get.

Clicking the wrench button labeled “Options” gives you new display options. "View" allows you to add borders to your report cell or set it as a white page. "Expand Level" allows you to quickly expand or collapse the hierarchy of the report to a particular level and the "Display title" displays your report title. Less obvious is the "Show drill-down ballons" which gives you more information on the record before you click on it.

Located close to the wrench icon is the graph icon. Clicking on it will allow you to generate a column, a pie or a line chart for a better visual reporting. However, exercise caution when using these graphs as they not always relevant to the data shown in report.

Finally, for you out there who still want even more report customization, try using the “Find” box to locate data within a large report as this might save you some time. Finally using the little blue arrows completely on the right will automatically get you to a major category. i.e. Under Assets your first category might be Current Assets. A blue arrow will be provided for every type of Assets of that level.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the menu options in the reports, you could be surprised how much you will learn!

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