NetSuite 2010.2: The New User Interface

As version 2010.2 gets ready to be rolled out, the biggest change everyone is talking about is the new user-interface. I just came from a NetSuite webinar that broke down this new interface, and I am very excited by the clean and intuitive design they’ve adopted.

The only stumbling block I foresee with this 2010.2 is custom forms – NetSuite users will have to upgrade all their custom forms. These upgrades can take place at your own pace, and are not automatic.

NetSuite has provided a migration tool to help administrators roll-out their custom form upgrades, which allows for testing, tweaking, more testing, and then deployment only when satisfied. A future blog post will be written on this topic by one of our technical consultants.

And like anything NetSuite, here at ERP Guru we are ready to assist you in any way, be it with upgrading your forms to testing existing scripts and modifications with version 2010.2
Contact us for any and all 2010.2 help.

Apart from the custom form issue, there are a ton of great new features that not only enhance productivity, but make NetSuite even easier to use. The design optimizes the use of whitespace and there are far clearer distinctions between local and global information.

Click on the screenshots below to see a few of the new UI features in 2010.2.

2010.2 Home Screen

netsuite UI 2010.2Click to enlarge
2010.2 Records
netsuite UI 2010.2Click to enlarge

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