Find Information FASTER in NetSuite

Over the past few weeks I watched NetSuite customers retrieve information from NetSuite – they perform a search and then click through two, three, four or more screens to get to what they wanted.

When I saw this, I decided to show them how to use prefixes in the NetSuite Global Search – or as I like to call them “Cheat Codes” – and they were stunned by its efficient simplicity. Below is a quick tutorial on NetSuite prefixes that stems from my experience over that last few weeks.

For example, let’s say I want to find a contact named Tim Smith; he works at the company Smith Supplies. Let’s compare the two search approaches – the long way I was shown by a few of my customers verses using the short way using NetSuite prefixes.

That was wicked simple and fast – or as my customer said, “Show me how you did that!” See the graph below for a list of common prefixes. Note that prefixes can change based on your configuration, but the list below is a helpful start.

NetSuite Help: Global Search Prefixes, Tips for Effective Global Searches

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