Blanking Out Prices By CSV Import in NetSuite

How do you blank out existing prices on your items? It seems like this question comes up on a fairly regular basis. There are a variety of reasons why you would want to blank out prices and today's blog post will demonstrate the most efficient way to do it.

It's actually fairly simple. I use the Multiple File CSV Import to do it, because I've encountered problems trying to clear out prices with Single File CSV Import.

First, we need to create two separate Excel files. Don't forget to save them as CSV (comma-separated values), or it won't be accepted in the CSV Import.

The first sheet, which I call the Master Sheet, simply has one column – your items' internal IDs.

The second file, which I call the Slave Sheet, has the Item Internal IDs (to link to the Master Sheet), the Price Level and the Price. You could also include Price Quantity if you use quantity-based pricing in your NetSuite account.

It's possible to do an item export from NetSuite with this information, and then just divide that export into the two sheets.

Now that we have our Excel sheets, go to Setup --> Import/Export --> Import CSV Records.

In Import Type, choose Item. Then choose the item type for which you want to update prices. You can only update one type of item per import.

For the CSV File(s), first choose Multiple files to upload. For the Primary File, choose your Master Sheet and for the Linked File (Optional) - Item Pricing, choose your Slave Sheet. Then click Next.

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On the next page, choose Update in the Data Handling section. Then, click on Advanced Options and check the Overwrite Missing Fields check box. Click Next when you're done.

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On the following page, choose both Item Internal ID columns in the drop-downs and click Next.

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The Field Mapping page comes next. Make sure to map the Internal ID field from the Master sheet with the Internal ID field in NetSuite. You may also need to enter default values for some required fields, such as the Pricing Currency and Pricing Quantity which I did not include in my CSV files.

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Click Next, then click Run (or Save & Run if you want to reuse your import in the future) and you're done!

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