Publishing Saved Searches to the Customer Center in NetSuite

One of the most underutlized features in NetSuite is publishing saved searches to the Customer Center. Creating a Public Saved Search works in the same way as creating a standard Saved Search, except that it allows you to share the information with your customers, partners or employees in real-time.

For example, here at ERP Guru we use publish saved searches in the Customer Center to keep our clients abreast on their projects. When they visit they can log-in to our site with the username and password we provided them. Once they are logged-in to the customer center, they are able to see their project status, and how many hours have been dedicated to what.

Our transparency allows our customers to feel secure that their project is moving forward, and it saves us time because we don’t need to send out weekly update emails.

You can publish any saved search to the customer center (transaction history, support cases), and below we will show you how to do it.

Step 1: Creating a new tab in the customer center
We need to create a tab in the customer center that will display our search.
  1. Go to Lists --> Website --> Tabs-->New
  2. Create a New Presentation Tab
  3. Label it something like “My Results”
  4. On the Audience tab select the role(s) that you would like to see this search, in our example, we would select Customer Center
  5. Make sure to uncheck Display In Website

Don’t worry about the other fields, they are not relevant to what we are trying to accomplish.

Step 2: Create a Saved Search
Create a saved search as you normally would. It is important that you check the box Public so that the search is available for publishing.

Step 3: Publishing the search to the customer center
  1. Go to Published Saved Search page which is the Classic Center type is under
    Lists --> Website --> Published Saved Search --> New
  2. Give the Published Saved Search a title (this title is what your customers will click to access the information)
  3. Specify the search from the drop down meny
  4. In the Subcategory Of drop down select the newly created tab you created in the previous step. In our example we labeled it “My Results”, so that is what we would select in this case.
  5. On the Audience tab select the role(s) that you would like to see this search, in our example, we would again select Customer Center.

Now, any customer who you have given access to can log-in to the customer center and view your published saved search!

As this topic is bigger and more complex than a single blog post we held a FREE training workshop on the topic. Please contact us if you would like the recording.

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